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Vintage RC Helicopters - Kalt GS Baron


Kalt GS Baron (1982)

1982 Advert

 Based on the standard Kalt 50 Baron but incorporating a wider body to take the KG-22 Petrol engine with different gear ratio's to take account of the lower revving petrol engine and autoration available as an optional extra.

bulletLength (less rotor)        - 51 inch 
bulletMain Rotor diameter     - 57 inch
bulletRotor Head                   - Any Kalt CP version (K-1 SB US market)
bulletWeight                          - 10.5 to 11 Lbs
bulletEngine                          - KG-22 petrol
bulletReductions                   - 6.4 : 1 : 4.5 optional tail speed up system
bulletRadio                            - Four/five channel with five servo's

50 Baron instruction manual  -  Basic instruction manual to be used in conjunction with the GS supplement.

GS Baron supplement instructions  -  Used in conjunction with the basic 50 Baron manual.

GS Baron LH view  -  General side view.

KG-22 Engine manual  -  Manual for standard version of the KG-22 2 stroke petrol engine.

1984 magazine photo.

1985 Circus hobbies catalogue

My Kalt GS Baron 


Bought Nov 08 complete with radio gear and awaiting a full check.

Kalt GS Baron II

1987 Catalogue

The KG-22 engine had proved to be marginal in performance and so Kalt carried out development which significantly increased its output resulting in the designation KG-22S.  This more powerful engine fitted in a modified 50 EC resulted in the Mk2 version of the GS baron with a reduced main gear ratio to increase head speed along with autorotation as standard.

bulletLength (less rotor)        - 1300mm
bulletMain Rotor diameter     - 1440-1460mm
bulletRotor Head                   - Any Kalt CP version
bulletWeight                          - 4.8-5.0 Kg
bulletEngine                          - KG-22 petrol
bulletReductions                   - 6.14 : 1 : 5.375
bulletRadio                            - Four/five channel with five servo's

KG22 S Engine GS Baron supplement  -  Upgrades required to the standard GS Baron when using the higher rated 'S' engine.

KG-22 Electronic ignition instructions  -  Aftermarket electronic ignition upgrade.

Following modification courtesy of Shawmcky from RunRyder

Any one who owns a Kalt 50 or gasser knows how hard it is to get parts. Had a tail boom strike on my gasser and no boom to replace the original. I got over this by fitting a complete Robbe Millennium/Futura tailboom and drive complete. The drive just fits straight on the pinion output shaft (Without modification), leave out the black Kalt boom clamps and clamp the larger Robbe boom straight in. A much better system than the old wire drive and a much better and more efficient tail rotor assembly. I am lucky in the fact I had all these parts to hand (all second hand) so I did not have to buy new and hope they would fit. I can now use longer 710mm blades due to the longer boom.


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