Mr Jon

I found your website and thought I'd drop you a quick email  as I have just got a Kalt cyclone 2 that I  purchased a few weeks ago from an old man who had to retire to a home due to illness .  It was in a some what rusty seized condition so after the purchase I was keen to strip it down and restore it to its former glory .  All parts were there with nothing missing and it has the Morley mechanical gyro as well.  The engine is an old OS 50FSR with ball type exhaust and the original Kalt wooden blades with Futaba 148 servos plus a Futaba challenger transmitter.  I stripped the engine down giving it a good clean as it was originally run on caster straight fuel then once rebuilt it fired up with no problems.  After setting everything back up she lifted straight into a steady hover so time for some circuits which was quite interesting as the old gyros tend to have a mind of there own .  I now have to paint the canopy to finish her off which the photo shows.  I  will send another once she's looking good and this is the second cyclone in our club the other being an original cyclone model one.

kind regards Jon

Nov-09  -  After a few months of hard work and head scratching I've finally finished my project.  Now she's restored to original condition and flying very nicely indeed.

kind regards Jon


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