KYOSHO Concept_32-46 VR




  32VR 46VR
 Length   1080 mm
 1080 mm
 Height   370 mm
 370 mm
 Width  140 mm  140 mm
 Main Rotor Dia   1245 mm  1245 mm
 Tail Rotor Dia.   230 mm
 230 mm
 Total Weight   2880 g
 3100 g
 Gear Ratio   9.7 : 1 : 5.19
 9.31 : 1: 5.19
 Engine   5.2 ccm

Concept 46 VR Manual

 Concept 46 VR Review


The Concept VR was the final incarnation of the range designed to utilise both the 32-36 size of engines and the more powerful 46 size.  Many of the parts were also used on the subsequent Nexus range.

Based on the Concept_30 SR-T and utilising about half of the parts though it was designed from the outset as a performance model.  Two engine variants were produced though most opted for the 46 engine size.