Du-Bro Shark (1974)



 Length  53" / 1346 mm
 Height  22,5" / 561 mm
 Main Rotor Dia  52,25" / 1327 mm
 Tail Rotor Dia  11,5" / 292 mm
 Engine  Ohlson&Rice 20cc
 Full Equipped Weight  12 lbs / 6350 g



Collective pitch upgrade.

Manual Shark



Presented at the 74 Toledo show it was originally designed with a fixed pitch teetering rotor head, fitted with the OR petrol engine and given the 'look' of the Enstrom F-28 (reason for the Shark name); note that Du-Bro later made a 'proper' scale version of the Enstrom but with the Tristar mechanics.  Reported to fly well but was very heavy because of the weight of the OR petrol engine.

UK Advert Feb 1975


Du-Bro Shark 60 (1976)


The Shark was updated to use 60 size glow engines and further modified for 'can' control of the flybar instead of aerofoil paddles; this seemed to be an 'American' thing as it was not done anywhere else in the world.   

Shark 60 Review  -  1976 fixed pitch version.

The reviewer had a lot of praise for the machine and especially that it was not overweight so did not need a 'top of the range' 60 for it to fly well.  Control response with the 'cans' was also reported to be strong and the general build of the machine was considered well within an 'average' modellers capability.


Whilst fixed pitch control was acceptable for learning and general flying about it was no good for advanced manoeuvres that the more competent flyers were wanting to perform.  The Shark was therefore updated with collective pitch control which allowed for fast approaches without loosing head speed and for better loops and rolls.  The flybar 'cans' whilst providing strong control also produced a lot of drag and were not as precise as airfoils so the general trend was to remove them and convert back to paddles.

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