Century Hummingbird



 Length  485 mm
 Main Rotor Dia  508 mm
 Engine size
280 - 370
 Weight  283-300g


Manual Hummingbird
Manual Hummingbird V II
Manual Hummingbird v3
Instruction Manual
Humminbird Elite
Manual Elite 3D Pro

Pod and boom small electric helicopter with separate main motor and tail rotor motor utilising an electronic mixer (Humming-board) to control both motors for speed matching plus varying the TR motor speed for rotation control.

Century Hummingbird

Fixed pitch version utilising micro radio gear including rate gyro and powered by 8.4V 600mAh Ni-mh pack.

Hummingbird manual  -  2003 ARF assembly instructions.

Century Hummingbird V2

Upgrade version of original model and additional upgrades available such as motor heat sinks for more reliable operation.

Hummingbird V2 manual  -  2003 ARF assembly instructions.

Hummingbird Scale body  -  2003 supplement for fitting the scale bodies Bell_222, Airwolf, JetRanger and Bolkow BK117

My Century Hummingbird (Airwolf)


Bought Aug 06 and originally had the Bell_222 fuselage.  Although fixed pitch was quite flyable however, once the battery voltage started to drop it would not turn right if the nose was raised.  By mid 08 the body had become very poor so fitted an Airwolf body (didn't bother with the fins).  Requires a bit of getting back into 'fixed pitch' mentality if not flown for a while and will be kept for a bit of inside fun flying every so often.

Century Hummingbird V3

Minor upgrading again notably the main rotor head.

Hummingbird V3 build manual  -  2004 ARF assembly instructions.

Century Hummingbird Elite FP/CP

Fixed pitch version basically a V3 however CP version though looking similar is fundamentally different.

Hummingbird Elite build manual  -  2004 ARF assembly instructions covering both FP and CP versions.

Century Hummingbird Elite 3D Pro

Though called a Hummingbird, apart from looks is a totally different helicopter and much larger.  Fully capable of all the 3D manoeuvres.

Hummingbird Elite 3D Pro build manual  -  2005 Manual for kit version.    Hummingbird 3D Pro manual  -  2005 ARF assembly Instructions.