Align T-rex 600 XL (2007)



 Length  1160 mm
 Height  400 mm
 Main Rotor Dia  1350 mm
 Tail Rotor Dia  240 mm
 Engine  50", 8,5ccm
 Gear  1:12.14:4.5
 Full Equipped Weight  3300 g



A very stable easy to fly helicopter that could be used as a trainer though the cost of batteries and charger as of 2007 did mean that it was an expensive option.  Mind you, by 2011 the cost of batteries and chargers had significantly reduced both in real terms and relative terms that it began to get viable and then again by 2014 batteries were getting cheap (£45), at least for 30C types used in 'sports' flying.

Align T-rex 600 L (2007)


I Bought this one in Feb 08 along with another helicopter and other bits.  The head had been used in a JR Voyager electric conversion however I put that back to standard and built this one up.  Original version and slightly less powerful than the later T-rex 600 model with the 'X' motor though very good for general flying and aerobatics. 

Align T-rex 600 N (nitro)