Henseleit 3D-NT (2004)

side view without canopy.

German manufacturer of RC helicopters specialising in 3D models both glow powered and electric.

3D-NT review - Unknown author but from Model Helicopter World - www.modelheliworld.com

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Bought off E-bay for a very low price and appears to have had very little use.  Checked it over and found that the cooling shroud blanked the carb inlet so it must have been very problematic to run and must have been very weak at that.  Put into storage awaiting a time when I would consider myself capable of handling it however, when I ran it up for test the engine would not pick up, when stopped and warm it had next to no compression.

Engine rebuilt though had to use a later model piston and liner.  Test run and difficult to get it operating Ok though eventually managed to get it hovering; tending to run weak and needle has no effect therefore suspect fuel blockage.  Tank stripped and full of debris with fibre clunk looking in a poor condition, additionally main shaft and clutch hub bearings were also rough to rotate so new spares ordered for the rebuilt.  On completion of the rebuild the engine started immediately and settled into a nice idle and throttle response was steady even though still set on the rich side.  Slow figure of eights etc to check controls and it is very precise though tail still has a slight 'wag'.  Can speed up though very quickly therefore Indoor flying with a helicopter of this size is something else (i.e. slightly scary).  Unfortunately the engine started to run weak and no amount of opening the main needle etc would cure it?  it is acting as if there is fuel starvation so intend to give the fuel system a one over and perhaps use larger fuel tubing.

Experimented with Nitro fuel as although the carb is designed for no nitro fuel the replacement engine parts are for the later version 90 and if timing etc has been changed then????  With 15% Nitro, stable running and starting now achieved though still has to be set rich for circuit work.  However, even though 'bogging' down a little it is very fast and very controllable though this is more in the way of powerful precision than lightning fast response.  Intend to rebuild (again !!!) as spares for original engine now found.



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