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Vintage RC Helicopters - Covering the 70's, 80's, 90's and now.

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VRHC - Vintage Radio Controlled HeliCopters


   Helicopters of the 70's, 80's, and 90's - Preservation and Restoration  

VRHC can be contacted through the Webmaster, webmaster (at) vrhc.co.uk 


WHAT'S NEW.....!!!!!   

31 Jul 16 - added several explosion views and manuals

11 Jun 16 - as many MA sites are down, MA section have been added

29 May 16 - new photos and manuals in many categories, thanks to Dan Johannson

10 Mar 16 - all Schlüter catalogues added / Schlüter Kataloge hinzugefügt

01 Feb 16 - Added manuals and plans to Wik, Kavan, Graupner
                  Bedienungsanleitungen und Pläne von Wik, Kavan, Graupner hinzugefügt

20 Apr 14 - General addition of photos, manuals and finally decent photos of the KKK Stunt Homer.

20 Jan 14 - Not much as I have not had the time to look at the site....!!!!????

18 Nov 13 - MS Composit page added (basic level only)

06 Nov 13 - MIA Mario I Arguello section incorporated.

01 Nov 13 - Quick WorldWide QWW All models section developed (but still awaiting detailed heli reports)

14 Oct 13 - Section on PFI (precision Helicopters Inc of USA) updated.

07 Oct 13 - Morley section general update to include more manuals etc - interesting note about the MXA here.