Kavan Alouette 2 (1975)


 Length   1000 mm
 Height   -
 Main Rotor Dia   1080 mm / 42 inch
 Tail Rotor Diameter.   -
 Total Weight   2800-3000 g / 6 Lbs
 Gear Ratio   -
 Engine   .40 cu in  (6.5 cc)


Alouette 2 Manual  -  Basic manual for fixed pitch machine.
Alouette 2 Bauanleitung   (deutsch/german)


Alouette 2 Manual Addendum 



The second helicopter in the Kavan range, following on from the JetRanger and was a much smaller helicopter for 40 size engines.

Nürnberg 1974   Toledo 74

Alouette II prototype introduced at Nürnberg 74 and noted for a 15 size engine but a month later in Toledo the reported engine was a 19 size.  However, even this was to be optimistic and showed that the helicopter was obviously not at the testing stage because it was to be another year before production was finalized and then with a 40 size engine.

Sywell Expo 75.

Finally, presented in full functioning format and demonstrated flying at the show with good scale fidelity and size would make for easy transport; it was though be nearer the end of the year before they were readily available.

Alouette fixed pitch head   engine assembly removal

The model was built along similar mechanics design to the JetRanger in that the engine, clutch and reduction gear was built as a complete unit.  On this machine it also included the main shaft and rotor head so by releasing a handful of fittings, the whole assembly could be lifted from the airframe.

76 Advert
Kavan advert Apr 78 
Alouette II available as an ARF with Irvine 40 engine.

79 Nürnberg show, 
Kavan News Bulletins 79-80

Alouette 2 Part 1 Magazine article  -  Part one build review by Tony Bray from Oct 76 Radio Modeller.  Review noted that the manual was very comprehensive however, he did carry out two modification the first was to reposition the tail control linkage to achieve a straighter run; the second was to build a small cover for the rear of the tail rotor gearbox as it was open to the elements and could suffer from dirt ingress. 
Alouette 2 Part 2 Magazine article
  -   Part two flying and modifications from Apr 77 Radio Modeller.  Despite Kavan meticulous approach to development a number of faults had occurred on the Alouette 2 and so this review was delayed until the revised parts could be received and fitted.  One problem was a faulty drilling of the tail hub resulting in severe vibration, weaknesses in the main rotor hub and transmission base plate plus the tail boom and undercarriage legs could crack.  These were all quickly addressed and replacement parts sent out to all registered owners but it did give the model a bit of a poor initial reputation.  Once all the modifications had been carried out the testing proved the Alouette to have good flying characteristics though with the construction of open tail boom and light weight landing legs it was not considered to be a beginners model.

Alouette 2 Magazine article  -  Building and flying review by Jack Barnard from Mar 77 RCM&E.  Similar comments as the RM review above though he did manage to 'break' it on the first session however, observation of other flying at the time confirmed the comments of a benign flying machine with good scale looks.


Whilst the build was considered relatively easy by the previous experienced builders/flyers it was commented that the boom construction etc was a bit 'fiddly' again Kavan must have listened and decided to help things along by producing the model A.R.T.F. form though quite exactly how much was pre-built is not noted.


Kavan had not been idle and similarly to all the other manufacturers had been developing their flybarless heads and so in 1979 the control system for the Alouette 2 was given a full 'make over'.  From this the model then became available in four versions; two basic kits and their flybarless options???

  • Basic Kit - Fixed pitch
  • Conv Kit - Fixed pitch rigid rotor flybarless
  • Basic Kit - Collective pitch
  • Conv Kit - Collective pitch rigid rotor flybarless

Interesting option, a flybarless fixed pitch machine; not that this hadn't already been tried by Peter Valentine and his conversion of the Micro-Mold Lark.  whilst there were benefits of increased cyclic response there was still the problems associated with fixed pitch requiring rotor speed to be varied for height control; it was considered better to have collective pitch for all round performance.  Mind you it was a cheap way of getting a better scale look because the flybar was now removed.

early 1980 advert with prices for both fixed pitch and collective 'standard' versions. 

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  • Alouette_010
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  • Kavan Allouette RH nose
  • Kavan alouette from E bay
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