Align T-rex 100 (2011)



 Length  202 mm
 Height  82 mm
 Main Rotor Dia  192 mm
 Tail Rotor Dia  36 mm
 Engine  brushless motor
 Full Equipped Weight  32 g



Bought new in Mar 11 and was one of the first batch of T-rex 100's in the country; must admit I expected a small 250 type helicopter whereas it was one of the 'stable' machines which fly more like a 'contra-rotating' helicopter.  Mind you that was no bad thing for something that small as the 250 was quite a handful in acceleration and response (for an old 'fart' like me anyway).  Unfortunately the Tx did not have my 'mode' for flying so as it was 'mode 2' I could only gently fly it round and not get carried away.

By Jul 10 I had tried it outdoors a couple of times and whilst it coped well even with windy days it was very nervous and quick to get bumped around, unfortunately my reactions are a bit slow for that sort of thing and nearly lost it a couple of times; I therefore sold it on to a 'tyro' before I did any damage to it.