KALT  Baron (1976)



 Length  1150 mm
 Rotor Head  fixed pitch
 Main Rotor Dia  1200mm
 Engine  .40-.45 cu in  (6.5-7.5 cc)
 Gear Ratio  9.56 : 1 : 4.5
 Weight  2500 -3000 g 


Kalt Baron manual 
Japanese version.





1981 Catalogue photo's

Kalt introduce their version of the basic 'Pod and Boom' trainer in 1976 simply call Baron.  At this time Kalt were still 'partnered' with Schlüter to an extent and as can be seen from the photos below, the model copied the Heli-Baby for its major controls and layout. It was also for the 40-45 size engines however, whilst the frames were close together and parallel for mounting the main mast and upper works this is where the design differed with the lower part of the frame tapered out in order to provide a wider mounting facility for the engine.  This 'A' shaped frame approach was to be the standard for Japanese 'Pod & Boom' machines and would become predominant over parallel frames especially later on when frames of plastic became the norm.

Fixed pitch rotor head with Hiller control and an usual feature in that the blades holder was a flexible plate which provided the 'flapping' movement; this was to be a common Kalt feature of their 'basic' rotor heads for the next decade or so.

  • Baron_101
  • Baron_102
  • Baron_103
  • Baron_104
  • Baron_105
  • Baron_106
  • kalt baron body without canopy
  • kalt baron boom fastening
  • kalt baron landing gear
  • kalt baron rotor head
  • kalt baron swashplate
  • kalt baron tail control
  • kalt baron tail gearbox and rotor
  • kalt baron01
  • kalt baron02
  • kalt baron03

The model flew well, as was to be expected given the fact it was based on a proven design and was quite sprightly when fitted with a performance 45 engine.

KALT  FP Baron / 40 Baron (198#)

Later version had uprated landing gear and was also known as the FP Baron or 40 baron.