KALT 20_Baron FP (1980 TBC)



 Length  1200 mm
 Rotor Head   20_Baron CP
 Main Rotor Dia  1160 mm
 Engine  .28-32 cu in
 Gear Ratio  8.89 : 1 : 4.5
 Weight  2300 - 2500 g 


Documents Baron 20

Construction views and 20_Baron build Manual
  Collective pitch version.
Documents Baron 20MX
20_Baron Kit review
Review of 20_Baron CP
by Dave Day from Feb 82
20_Baron Kit revised review
 with revised photo's.

20_Baron JetRanger Fuselage  -  1988 article on fitting an after market fuselage to a 20MX

20_Baron upgrades  -  1988 Article on upgrading the 20_Baron

The 20_Baron started off as a basic machine with fixed pitch head for the '20-25' size engines.

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KALT 20_Baron CP (1981)

Dec 1981 and a quick look from a UK Magazine

Introduced in 1981 for the engine range '25-28' and now including collective pitch with its own dedicated rotor head.  Also known as the 'Baronette' due to it being the smaller 'sibling' of the original Baron range.

1982 Slough Models advert (UK) indicating the availability of their Mini-JetRanger fuselage kit for the 20 baron.
1983 with Slough Models Mini-JetRanger fuselage.


1985 catalogue  

Robbe marketed Kalt helicopters in Germany as noted by this extract from the Robbe catalogue.


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  • 1983-12 - 20 Baron review photo
  • Baron_20
  • Close up CP head
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Kalt 20_Baron MX (1987)

1987 catalogue   1991 catalogue

Updated version with the recommended engine size of 28-30 plus scissor arm C, autorotation and a longer boom to allow longer blades to be used with the larger engines.


Kalt's own fuselage.

Designed for the 20 MX with a 28 size engine; this version  had a 'split' body which allowed fitting and servicing to be easily carried out; manufactured and distributed by the Omega section of Kalt.