WIK (Rowan) Bolkow Bo105

WIK Bolkow Bo105

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  • 04 1974- WIK Bolkow Bo 105
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The first scale model of the Bolkow Bo105 utilised the mechanics from the Schlüter Cobra and there is a bit of history to this.  Produced by a former partner of Dieter Schluter, when Schuco-Hegi pulled out it left everything in a mess and it is hinted that a number of fixed pitch mechanics assemblies were made and not paid for.  There appears to have been an agreement that the mechanics could be used as long as it was NOT in one of Dieters fuselages; the result the Bolkow Bo105.

  • 1973-12 - Mick Charles - WIK Bolkow

Advertised for sale late 1973.
  • 1973-12 - WIK Bolkow

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Nürnberg 1974
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  • 1974-04 - WIK Bolkow price
  • 1974-05 - WIK Bolkow advert

 Rowan appears to be WIK under another name (maybe an exporting company?) though the Rowan model has the original fixed pitch head and the WIK model a later version fixed pitch head.

 Rowan and WIK with price early & mid 1974.

  • WIK - Bolkow Bo105 - sales leaflet 02 - Swedish
  • WIK - Bolkow Bo105 - sales leaflet 01 - Swedish
  • 1975-02 - Helix at Nurnberg

Helix autogyro and no further mention of the Bolkow Bo105, perhaps they had run out of mechanics sets and copyright prevented them from making more!!!

  • 1980-04 - WIK Bolkow Bo105 new version

After a 5 year break WIK return with a revised version of their Bolkow Bo105.  Complete new set of mechanics with starting now from below through the cooling fan intake and fitted with a four blade head; note that washout was commented on in the header and suspect this was done in order to stabilise the rotor head.